Top 5 VS CODE Extensions In 2022

Extensions are small software purposely for customization.  Text editors like visual studio have thousands of extensions that come in handy when coding.

 Many of these extensions have a problem to solve whiles they also make developer life easier and simple. In this article, I will list some promising VS CODE extensions that are frequently used by developers.

1. Copilot

Copilot or GitHub copilot is a suggestion type extension. It is an AI extension that makes suggestions while you key in some codes. Just like google, copilot pulls down some related codes to the one you are typing.

GitHub copilot support every programming language.

2. Peacock

Just like code extension higher, peacock identifies each tab with a unique colour.  Peacock comes in handy when you have multiple VS CODE instances, peacock subtly changes the workspace colour to help you identify which tab you are working on.

3. Polacode

Polacode is purposely used for capturing code snapshots. This extension is very useful if you frequently take screenshots of your code and share it, polacode will give you screenshots a nice and professional look with a dip in shadow background.


 4. Material Icon Theme

Material icon theme set a unique colour to every folder on your project folder or repo. The material icon is very useful when you have so many project folders and you find it difficult to identify, with this extension it is easy to search a project folder at a glance.

5. Code Spell Check

Just like Grammarly, code spell check comes in handy when you are all hot hunting for spelling mistakes. This extension corrects you to type the right keys whiles coding.




Explore these extensions and make use of it, your coding life can be better with the help of these extensions. Share this piece if you find it informative.

Thank you


Elliot is a student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), a frontend web developer and owner of anythingprogramming. Elliot is a tech-inclined person who loves to share his knowledge with others and also learn from others as well. He loves to write and so anythingprogramming came to life.


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