Top 4 Developers Communities in Ghana

Developers in Ghana hardly join communities because they are not aware if such communities exist here in Ghana. In this post, I will list 4 active communities for developers in Ghana.

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Who is a Developer?

A developer in computing is someone who builds and manage application systems. A developer writes, debug and execute codes. A developer is also known as; a software developer, software engineer, programmer, or coder.

What Are Developers Communities?

Unlike any other community, developer’s communities are a place where you can learn, grow, interact, help and so many more.

One advantage of developer’s communities is that it allows senior developers to share their experience with others for junior developers to learn from it. In simple and understandable language, developer’s communities invest and contribute to your growth.

Do This Before Joining Any Developer’s Communities

1. Observe if they allow suggestions from new users

.     2. Reach out to their support team if they are active

    3. Check if their aims and goals align with yours.

Here Are the Four Developers Communities in Ghana

      1.   IoT Hub

This community focuses on inventions and startup minds. They basically support innovation and entrepreneurs.

       2.  Developers In Vogue

Div, developers’ community which welcome females more as compared to males. If you are a lady and you aspire to be a coder or programmer then this community is for you.

     3.   DevCongress

This is a community that pushes developers to go in for rich resource to help them and their project stand out.  It is one of the wide communities in Ghana.

      4.  PyLadies

As the name sounds, pyladies is one of the international developer’s communities. My ladies encourage ladies to learn python. They Offer free mentorship and resources.


There is a saying if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go with others. Join any of these communities whiles you take note of what is listed above. Share this piece with others to get them to inform. Thank You


Elliot is a student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), a frontend web developer and owner of anythingprogramming. Elliot is a tech-inclined person who loves to share his knowledge with others and also learn from others as well. He loves to write and so anythingprogramming came to life.

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