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Mobile device proliferation is forcing enterprise IT departments to change. They must now support mobile devices, which further extends to the need for the development of mobile-friendly applications. As users get savvier and savvier, simply accessing existing applications via a mobile browser just won’t fly.

 Enter the next phase of web development: single page application (SPA) development using HTML5 with JavaScript. SPAs allow the enterprise to provide users with rich, responsive applications through the browser. HTML5 with JavaScript has opened the door to device-independent user interfaces. This creates extensive cost savings for the enterprise; gone is the necessity to develop multiple platforms to reach users on various operating systems. 

Implementing JavaScript and HTML5 with responsive design principles solves a pain point - how to reach users on various platforms without diminishing the user experience. Another viable reason for this shift is that it eliminates a weak spot - reliability upon browser plug-ins. 

The plug-in approach of the past has worked well enough, but with users frequently experiencing compatibility problems, lengthy loading times, and performance issues in some circumstances, a plug-in free approach can create improvement in the user experience. 

Combining that with browsers' improved speed for JavaScript execution, HTML5 and JavaScript solves many web problems that currently plague the enterprise. But, as always, change is complicated. Software architects and developers must have the right toolset and correct combinations of experience and knowledge to successfully take the enterprise through this paradigm shift. 

This mini-book includes three sub-sections: JavaScript Essentials, HTML5 Essentials, and Responsive Design. They introduce you to the features of the languages and concepts, how you can leverage them to assist in enterprise development, and tips to be successful. I've successfully implemented these strategies and technologies with my teams, and hope that my experience can help you to avoid the pitfalls

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