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Mobile applications have dramatically penetrated numerous fields and have changed people’s lives. Developing an effective mobile app has become a significant issue for current enterprises to spread out their services or produces, and build up a direct connection with customers. In this post, I am sharing some free app development resources that will help you understand developing applications for mobile phones.

A mobile application is an option of receiving the full attention of its users, which distinguishes it from a desktop that has multitasked offerings. The number of mobile app downloads and executions have been rising considerably over years with the rapid development of mobile technologies.

 Differentiating from other mobile apps has become an important issue for enterprises to increase the mobile applications’ value. Therefore, finding an effective way to maximize the performance of mobile apps creates an urgent demand for contemporary mobile app practitioners. 

Using advanced techniques of mobile applications is considered an effective approach to making mobile apps stand out in a group of app selections. This book focuses on introducing advanced techniques of mobile apps and attempts to instruct learners in skills of using those advanced approaches in practical mobile apps developments. 

The approaches involved in this book address the recent main achievements of mobile technologies and wireless networks. Learners can gain knowledge on a broad scope of mobile apps within the Android framework. The instructional aim is to successfully disseminate novel mobile apps development methods and enable knowledge discoveries in the field.

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