5 Useful Resources Every Web Developer Should Know

There are millions of resources and tools out there, and these resources help web developers to develop websites as fast as possible. 

In this article, I will be sharing some important resources and useful resources that will help every web developer especially beginners.

1. Emmet Cheat Sheet

This is a web development toolkit that improves the workflow of frontend developers.


If you desire to work with templates then HTML5 UP is the best for you.


You can generate your favicon on this website for free

4. Responsively

This is an open-source program that helps web developers to create responsive websites

5. CSS Separator Generator

You can create a section separator and copy the HTML and CSS code


 Make a search about these resources and use them in your projects. Finding a way to make your work easier is the right way to go. Share if you find it informative.


Elliot is a student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), a frontend web developer and owner of anythingprogramming. Elliot is a tech-inclined person who loves to share his knowledge with others and also learn from others as well. He loves to write and so anythingprogramming came to life.

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