4 Successful Projects that Can Get You Your First Job as A Web Developer

Creating projects proves your eligibility to be hired. Not only beginners, but this also applies to anyone even professional web developers. Before a company employs you there are some criteria, they look. In this article, we will list some projects that will give you a high chance of getting employed.

Two Important Criteria Companies look Before hiring

1. Portfolio/ Portfolio Website

2. A well-structured Resume/ CV

Why Do I Need a Portfolio?

As a web developer, your portfolio should say a lot about you and your skills. For instance; A web developer with a neat design portfolio website will stand at the chance to be hired as compared to the developer with an unorganized portfolio website.

Your portfolio should be easy to navigate and well designed. State your abilities in your portfolio whiles you embed your resume as well.

Now let’s look at sample projects that you can develop and stand the chance to be hired.

Landing Page

Creating a landing is underrated by most developers because it looks simple and easy to build. Companies need landing pages to get more visitors to their website which will also increase their chance of turning the visitor into a customer.


Redesigning Popular websites

If you are a front-end web developer then I will suggest that you should redesign popular websites like Netflix, Uber, and Facebook web apps. Include these projects into your portfolio and stand out from other developers.

Build an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is on the rise and companies have adopted it. If you intend to work for any e-commerce company then including an e-commerce website project will move you a step ahead.

Design and developer a login system

The login system is very important, creating a login system where users can enter data safely is a plus for you to be hired. Almost every website has a login system so you are ahead if you develop a login system.

Also, if you have any reviews, you can include them in your portfolio. Maybe you signup as a freelancer and your service was appreciated then the client leaves a review. Adding a review makes the company know what you can do.


 If you haven’t developed any project yet start developing whiles you keep an eye on creating a portfolio. If this piece was helpful share and leave a comment below.


Elliot is a student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR), a frontend web developer and owner of anythingprogramming. Elliot is a tech-inclined person who loves to share his knowledge with others and also learn from others as well. He loves to write and so anythingprogramming came to life.

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